MADEPAL: Estibas de Madera, Carretes, NIMF15


Corporate social responsibility is based on the fact that: “Businesses are sustainable to the extent that helps meet the needs of society”.

The personnel policy of the organization Madepal Ltd enables interaction between: the organization, the families of our employees and the community located where the factory is settled.


[/one_half_last][clear][h2_underlined] Premises [/h2_underlined]

1- Priority will be given to the selection of staff, residents of the township of Palmaseca, being a key factor for recruitment of family or friends by recommendations made through workers linked to the company.

2- While the company maintains in a steady growth, work experience would not be required to join the organization, it is our commitment to train the join forces on the skills required for the processes.

3-  As a step towards the development of skills and accident prevention by stress caused via the repetitiveness of activities, we have established within the competence development plan a staff rotation within every process.

4- Remuneration for skills and productivity: To ensure that staff knowledge is linked to product quality, it was established an internal pay scale (up to 25% above the current minimum wage), prioritizing staff competencies, their responsibility towards product quality and compliance in direction of the customer’s specifications. The wage component «incentive to productivity», is independent from the internal wage scale, and is considered a social investment to consolidate relationships: organization, community and employees.

5- The implementation of a socio-economic survey has allowed the management to support the employees in managing their resources, establishing for each, goals aimed at consolidating their family heritage.

We have learned that the big difference made with philanthropy, is that corporate social responsibility must not be delegated. It’s something the company has to have inserted in their strategy, practices and decisions.


[h2_underlined] Pictures: Madepal family: Reunion of the end of the year [/h2_underlined]