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Sale Lumber

[h1_underlined] Dimensional Lumber or Lumber in blocks [/h1_underlined]

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Thanks to our large storage capacity, we have a large stock of wood that we can offer lumber grown in blocks or dimensioned at competitive prices.

We handle two types of wood: Pine and SAJO.

[fancy_header] Pine [/fancy_header]

Cultured timber proceeds of Cauca, Nariño and Valle del Cauca.

Density: 400 to 500 kg/m3

This wood is resistant to fungi attack and highly resistant to rot.

The pine wood is considered a semi-hard, semi-heavy and very easy to work with.

[fancy_header] Sajo (Also Known as Arey or Vaquerá) [/fancy_header]

Native forest timber as part of the program: “Sustainable Management of native forests” * Hailing from the Pacific Coast.

Density: 400 to 500 kg/m3

The wood is easy to work with and offers no difficulty machining processes, has a good acceptance and retention of nails or studs.

    The native forest has a great importance in the environmental policies regarding protection of natural resources such as, soil, water, air, plant and animal species whose conservation is of great interest for the country. For this reason it has been given, national and international standards that protect it, primarily targeting its conservation and responsible use, meaning an accurate management allowing sustainable use of native forests.

    The native forest regenerates naturally, so its sustainable management requires different types of silvicultural activities such as thinning of trees in poor condition, sanitary cuts, seed tree selection, site preparation for the establishment regeneration, etc. These tasks allow the trees with higher potential growth an opportunity to develop in optimal conditions, with better light and nutrients. Thus is achieved through natural regeneration and silvicultural activities, a Forest of excellence, preserving its many environmental services and protection of wildlife.

    Finally, as for the implementation of forestry activities is necessary to build access roads to the various parts of the forest, these roads and / or trails are an important tool to guard the Forest, since on the one hand, the event occurring forest fires will be easier combat and on the other, it allows quickly to detect illegal logging caused by third parties.